Music Morsel: Concerning the UFO Sighting in Highland, Illinois

The intro to this track has some of the most seemingly arbitrary time signature lengths I can think of, but it works to great effect and has a certain charm. There is some rubato but I couldn’t say whether it was intentional or not. If you count 8th notes, starting a new count whenever the chord changes, you get the following sequence: 4, 14, 17, 17, 13. Assuming this section has 4 bars, the first two numbers can be combined, which would then yield the following 4 bar idea: 18/8, 17/8, 17/8, 13/8. When trying to figure out time signatures, I’ve found that it helps to start with an easy signature like 4/4, and then figure out how many extra beats it takes to get to the end of the bars.

Music Morsels are musical fragments, collected and analyzed.